Current and Upcoming Exhibitions


Superchief Gallery NYC is proud to present 2014’s Summer Season Ultra Mega Group Show

In 2013, we did seasonal, massive, salon-style mega-group exhibits, featuring both artists that we have shown before and new artists that we are excited about. The show would inarguably be sensory overload, with art hung from floor to ceiling.

The idea of the show is to offer a seasonal opportunity to catch up with artists that we are psyched on, give a chance to a talented young artist who we think could use it, and exhibit friends next to other friends, so they can be friends- because thats what its about.

In 2014, we’re putting all of our seasonal aspirations into one show- our SUMMER SEASON ULTRA MEGA GROUP SHOW.

We’ll be having fam DJs doing short sets through the whole damn nite starting at 6pm and going til 10pm and then we head to the AFTERPARTY AT HOME SWEET HOME FEATURING DJ’S INCLUDING THE HOMIE JUICEBOXXX, STRAIGHT OUT THE THUNDERZONE. Hell yeah.

i say damn damn goddamn.

We’re incredibly proud to show you whats new.


Pierre-Marie Jean Ahlstrom
Joshua Allen
Chrissy Angliker
John Felix Arnold III
Sergio “El Hase” Barrios
Tom Bond
Ânita Bráthwàite
Palmtrees Caprisun
Gregg Cook
Tom Costa
Edwin De LaRosa
Mike Dominick
Antwan Duncan
Bill Dunleavy
Max Eisenberg
Todd Fisher
Mike Force
Jason Fox
Ben Frost
Monica Garza
Nicholas Gazin
Julian Gilbert
Cat Glennon
Tommi Gweilo
Charlie Himmelstien
Gabriel Huallanca
Serban Ionescu
Heidi Jïeun Jouet
Nora King
Lil Kool
Brooks Kossover
Paul Kwiatkowski
Jude Liana
Sagan Lockhart
Robert Lotzko
Levi Mandel
Destiny Mata
Azikiwe Mohammed
Joygill Moriah
Reginald Pean
Marlon Pruess
Claudia Ramirez
Safwat Riad
Ryder Ripps
Ben Robey
Eddy Segal
Rebecca Smeyne
Nate Igor Smith
Sophia Szamosi
Ella Toth
Lee Trice
Mom Tried
Jesse Untracht-Oakner
Ronald Wimberly
Edward Zipco


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