Superchief Gallery Presents 'Crucial Mass' Co-curated by Nate Kahn.

The exhibition opened November 18th, 2023. This was a showcase of individuals that are immensely impacting the current landscape of art through their involvement in various facets of the underground. Focusing primarily on West Coast underground, from graffiti and skateboarding to punk and rave scenes, ‘Crucial Mass’ honors the communities that have innovated each person’s craft. This collection of artists pushes the cultural envelope which many of us are fortunate to experience.  

Crucial Mass Exhibition artist flyer

The artworks from the exhibition can be seen here.  

The opening night featured a live airbrushing session by Sobstoryy

S.(L.A.)A by Fatima Nieto

Gangsta Bob by Droolio

The show ran until Dec 17th. 

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