DELINCUENTES is a group exhibition and collaboration celebrating the Southern California underground art scene. Bringing together disparate curators from El Clasico Tattoo, LA Unplgd art supply, and Superchief Gallery, the exhibition highlights muralists, tattoo artists, illustrators, and fine art painters from both high and low.

The exhibition featured our first full length documentary showcasing our work at Superchief Gallery LA from start to finish. Check out the video & please like comment and subscribe if you enjoy the episode! We will be doing more of these to highlight and preserve the hard work that goes into our exhibits from our team, the artists, and the guests that enjoy our shows. Thanks to all for your support & we're excited to keep this ball rolling!

The title of the exhibition takes inspiration from a flyer published by the Mexico City countercultural space, Multiforo Alicia, in response to reactionary protests against “deliquency” during the 2000s. Journalist Daniel Hernandez covered the anti-reactionary moment in his 2011 book Down and Delirious in Mexico City, “Politically conscious youth responded with their own answer. ‘To the administrators of this city,’ read a poster that appeared overnight around the city. ‘I AM A DELINQUENT / I am 20 years old / I am young / I have no right to / An education, to work / To housing, to health care / And many other things.’

The prevailing ethic of this exhibition is that everyone is a human and a neighbor in this world, and that much beauty and creativity comes from the so called “Delinquents” of society.

Co Curated by El Clasico Tattoo and LA Unplgd. 

The show opened on January 13th and ran until January 28

Josiah O'Balles and Friends with O'Balles' paintingsSal Preciado, Founder of El Clasico Tattoo, with his artworks for DelincuentesMurals and artwork installations for Delincuentes

Artworks are available on our website.

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