GARBAGE FUTURISM POST-WASTE Solo Exhibition by BAER GARBAGE FUTURISM POST-WASTE is a solo exhibition by BAER. The artist behind BAER is anonymous, as much of their expression is illegal, and BAER is a free-form vehicle for experimentation for that anonymous artist.

Guests from around the country made the pilgrimage for the opening night. The exhibition is packed with paintings, sculptures, installations and more. The opening party teleported our guests to an alternate universe, only conceivable by the mind of BAER.

Like a technicolor Ralph Steadman, BAER's blacklight installation is the work of an artist taking us to the frenetic edge through psychedelic exploration and unique skill in documenting that unworldly experience. Much of BAER's inspiration is received through "downloads", experiences he's able to bring back with him from another realm under the influence of DMT.

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As he tends to excel in all forms he takes on, BAER has presented an exhibition for the history books. It's up there with the great street-art-meets-gallery exhibitions of time from the likes of Barry McGee, David Choe and Neckface. The show runs through May 7th 2023 at Superchief Gallery LA, open every day except Monday.

Prints of this massive 12 foot painting "The Portal" are available on our site. 

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