KILL CITY by Erika Weitz

KILL CITY by Erika Weitz

“KILL CITY is a love letter to life and death in Los Angeles. Street level photographs of mixed methods on 35mm analog film are burned in flames. Reality is centered, with unexpected beauty found in the damaged capture.

Shot in the trenches, this collection is a direct exposure of over a decade in the 2010s and early 2020s in Los Angeles. It spans uprisings, subcultures, chaos, kink, and spirituality while remaining a celebration of the will to overcome physical and psychological vulnerability.

KILL CITY’s hard edge melts perception and technique to offer a unique embodiment of life in LA.” - @zeitweitz

150 Piece Collection Blind mint on Erika's website
Unique 1/1 works
Burned 35mm analog film

Highly limited signed & numbered books are available on our site. These books feature the entire collection and look incredible. Kill City Book Cover

The Kill City exhibition featured over 20 screens and 3 projectors displaying the 150 piece collection by Weitz. There was a centerpiece light table that displayed the physical burnt negatives that Weitz used to create her collection. 

Kill City Install Shot

Kill City Opening Night ExhibitionKill City opening night exhibition

A large mixed media painting was raffled off by the end of the exhibition to benefit SpidersHood, a Local grassroots organization focused on anti-bullying and getting kids whose parents are in prison out into nature as a healing therapy.

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