PARIAHS - A Solo Exhibition by Terrell Jones

PARIAHS - A Solo Exhibition by Terrell Jones

Superchief Gallery LA is very proud to announce the 1st solo exhibition for Terrell Jones: PARIAHS. Superchief Gallery Pariahs Terrell Jones Exhibition

Jones invites viewers to explore the many sides of the infamous Deville Crime Family through the vibrant world of Evil In Colour. The exhibition poses the question: Are the Devilles inherently evil, or has society’s condemnation shaped their devilish destiny? Through the lenses of Pop-Precisionism, the collection transforms each canvas into an arena where concepts of identity, morality, and fate fiercely interplay.

Jones will be taking over the entirety of the 9000 sqft Superchief LA Hybrid Gallery with physical paintings, immersive and interactive installation areas and of course, digital artwork and new NFTs. 


7pm - 11pm

Link to RSVP:


Terrell Jones (b.1997) was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He began drawing around the age of four on the walls of his childhood home. Often being influenced by cartoons on television, manga books, and drawings his older brother would bring home. His illustrations are inspired by film, nostalgia, fashion, and introspection. In late 2022 he coined the style called “Pop-Precisionism”, which is a blend of the Pop Art, Precisionism, & Realism movements.

Opening March 16, the show, “PARIAHS,” features works that converge around a single theme and subject—the Deville Crime Family. These characters are fiends for the modern age, relaxing by the pool, dining out, and even hitting the poker table—depicted in Jones’ distinctive style, looking like they just stepped out of an Instagram feed with millions of followers. 

Check out the full write up by NFTNOW as well as this full length interview by ZORA highlighting Terrell’s process & practices.

Jones uses a careful and methodical style in his digital art, with lots of layers on each piece to ensure he has total control over the outcome and can create a clean look. A solo exhibition at Superchief is a decisive vote of confidence in his creative output; the gallery, launched in 2021, has established itself as a powerful presence in the digital art space, having produced events alongside Christie’s, UNICEF, and the United Nations as well as at major NFT conferences.

Please enjoy some artwork by Terrell that will be available as both NFTs and Physical artworks for sale and on display at the exhibition.

"Moribund Melody"

Terrell Jones - Hell Freezes Over

"Hell Freezes Over"

Terrell Jones The Standoff

"The Standoff" 

More works can be seen on Terrell's Instagram or Twitter. 

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