Superchief Gallery LA Re-Opening Weekend / NFT Gallery Launch

Superchief Gallery LA Re-Opening Weekend / NFT Gallery Launch

Hello world! There's been 2 years of developments since our LA location was damaged in an explosion and we started doing popups for our artists in LA and at our Soho Gallery in NYC over the course of the pandemic. Needless to say we missed community and real life art experiences, much like the rest of the world over the pandemic.

Having just had to cancel a 2020 exhibition with not-yet-household-name artist, Beeple Crap, we witnessed the birth of art NFTs relatively early. Seeing an opportunity to properely represent our digital art contingent and lead the pack, we opened the Word's First IRL NFT GallerySuperchief Gallery NFT, in Manhattan NYC.

The new Superchief Gallery LA is our first hybrid art gallery, showcasing digital and physical artwork under one roof, as well as online.
Starting June 11th, and running until the end of July, we're proud to present the SUPERCHIEF 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SUMMER GROUP SHOW. There's no better way to be officially back in LA than to bring back everyone's favorite time of the year, our giant salon-style group show. To mark a decade of Superchief Gallery, we've invited the artists who we've been working with over the years, as well as talented people we've had our eye on over the pandemic years. It's a fantastic time for new fans to get aquainted with Superchief Gallery for the first time and an exhibition that will truly showcase the Digital/Physical curatorial roster of Superchief as an IRL and NFT gallery. 

You can always find more information about events and scheduling on instagram at @SuperchiefGalleryLA and the latest NFT updates on Twitter at @SuperchiefNFT

Runs June 11th, 2022 - July 30th 2022
Open 12:00-7:00
Thursday - Sunday
(Photo from Superchief Annual Mega Group Show 2018, our 6th anniversary.)
We were invited to Venice, Italy during the Venice Biennale to present what we've dubbed "THE NFT BIENNALE," with our friends Bright Moments, Art Blocks, Whim, Obscura DAO. We worked with the European Cultural Center to produce an NFT exhibition that will run the next 7 months. 
Fuck the Likes Vol 2: CONTAGIOUS CULTURE
A group photography exhibition that looks back at the zeitgeist of the post-pandemic world as captured by professionals and amateurs alike. "Contagious Culture" is meant to embrace the parts of our new world that have become "viral" not online, but in the real world: the George Floyd Rebellion and protests, a new vibrant street life despite restrictions and lockdowns, outdoor underground punk shows, creative new takes on media, and the evolving underground culture of the pandemic era. Curated by @lifesuxbillrules, co-founder and director of Superchief Gallery.
The exhibition is over, but lives on in this limited, 200 page art book available for $40
‼️ MINTING HAS BEGUN ‼️ for the Superchief NFT Worldwide Multi-Pass
Sutu is a futurist, XR artist & storyteller. For the past decade he's created work that speaks to the evolution of digital culture. In his last series, Choose Your Player, he presents 32 digital avatars.
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