Superchief Gallery NFT Website Launched

Superchief Gallery NFT Website Launched

We've launched a nice standalone website for our digital and NFT gallery over at 

For nearly a decade, Superchief Gallery has been committed to supporting underground artists and elevating them to the global stage. Edward Zipco & Bill Dunleavy founded Superchief Gallery in 2012 with group art exhibitions in Brooklyn, NY and Sunday BBQs as a way for the community to gather and connect.


Over the past 10 years, Superchief has had nine different gallery spaces in New York, sometimes as many as three at a time. In 2016, Superchief opened their first digital art gallery in Soho, New York. This space focused entirely on digital-native artists as a way to establish digital artwork as a legitimate voice in the art scene & discourse.


In March 2021, Superchief Gallery NFT officially opened the world’s first physical IRL NFT gallery in New York. The inaugural collection Season 1 Starter Pack broke more than $1 million in sales in less than nine months. With this collection, Superchief introduced its past artists to the world of NFTs and brought new digital artists into the Superchief community.


With a warehouse twice the size as before, Superchief Gallery LA is adopting a cutting-edge hybrid model, showcasing both NFTs and traditional art. This new space aims to close the gap between the two worlds and establish a cultural meeting space for all parties, gathering for big moments as well as private events & IRL minting.  


Superchief Gallery NFT has been committed to showcasing the possibilities of digital art in the physical world with display partners such as WHIM, Infinite Objects, and NeoShibuya TV. WHIM digital canvases allow Superchief Gallery NFT to show new NFT collectors what it feels like to actually live with digital work as the artist intended. Beyond Superchief’s NFT galleries in New York and Los Angeles, WHIM has created displays for CODE conference in LA, SCOPE Art Fair in Miami, and most recently, for the European Cultural Center’s Venice Biennale in Italy.


Thanks to a long-standing partnership with NeoShibuya TV, Superchief Gallery NFT has premiered the NFT artwork of 100+ artists on giant digital billboards across Shibuya, Tokyo. Curating these billboards has given Superchief artists the opportunity for their work to become public art in one of the world’s tech capitals. 


Superchief Gallery NFT has hosted many iconic artists such as Swoon, Jake Fried, Martha Cooper, Driftershoots, Claire Silver, On The Roofs, Parker Day, Justin Aversano, Lucien Samaha, Ron English, and Mike IRAK. Superchief Gallery NFT is also very proud to have hosted and art directed the first physical events for many NFT industry giants such as OpenSea, Makersplace, Foundation, and Quantum. With a long and successful record behind them, Superchief Gallery NFT will continue to push the boundaries of art in the world of Web3.

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