Almost Decent

Photos from the Almost Decent Debut Solo Show, MY LIFE at Superchief Gallery LA.

MY LIFE is the first solo exhibition of Los Angeles native, Angel Pacheco, more commonly known by his handle @Almostdecent on instagram. Angel's photos are a sharp, subjective slice into Los Angeles' nightlife and underground culture - populated by LA natives, internet celebs, graffiti writers, DJs, ravers, rappers, and party people of all varities. His work documents parties, shows, sex, partying, professional shoots, street snapshots, graffiti hijinks, and street "sideshows" where people shut down intersections and do donuts with their cars. 

The perfect diversity and blissful ecstacy of Angel's social scene: black, white, latino, asian - and always beautiful, is enough to make a social-savvy PR manager's mouth water. This show is @almostdecent's debut retrospective, showcasing his video and photo work during these organic and formative years from 2013-2017. 

All prints are AP edition and for sale at the opening and online form Superchief Gallery LA. 

***Shipping on fine art pieces will be a separate charge calculated and charged separately. We will contact you via email with the shipping option quotes.***

Contact for media and purchasing inquiries.

There will be a swimming pool and DJs at the opening.

Saturday Sept 2, 2017



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