Disturbed | Parker S. Jackson, Don Pablo Pedro, Scott Greenwalt

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Superchief Gallery presents a three-person painting show featuring Parker S. Jackson, Don Pablo Pedro, and Scott Greenwalt. The trio represent some of our favorite surreal, grotesque, and morbid graphic painters in LA. 

Parker S. Jackson is an LA-based oil painter, and an art directory at GIPHY. His work strives for a balance between “uncanny and realism." 

“There’s something about these older paintings that is SO far removed from our current time that the symbolism, the depictions of certain clothing and items and animals looks so entirely foreign that it’s almost like getting a glimpse at some kind of alien civilization or something,” he continues. “So that’s what I’ve really been trying to replicate lately, it’s that inspiration of medieval and renaissance art through the lens of someone who was raised on cartoons and 80’s sci fi and horror movies.”


Scott Greenwalt was born in St. Louis, Missouri 1974 and is currently based in Los Angeles. Contemplating the inevitable rise and demise of complex systems throughout history, his work explores notions of a manipulated, beautified world on the constant verge of collapse. Envisioning moments in time that reflect a tumult lurking just beneath the surface, threatening to rupture with magnificent force. A place where spiritual effluvia roams through space, leaving behind husks of the living things it once occupied, where new forms of life will again flourish with time. 


"Don Pablo Pedro's bio reads something like this: There once was a beautiful nymph, an amazing creature with five heads and three pussies. The nymph was seduced by a magnificent satyr. The satyr was revered as the greatest house painter in the small port town in which both hid. The nymph bore two sons from this union, although both were extremely unusual. The first son was born with a lavish beard that reached down to the tips of his toes, and a mysterious eye that resided on his single testicle. The second son was born with a penis protruding from his forehead. In an epic battle not long after birth, the long bearded boy killed and raped his brother. This bearded son lives on today, as Don Pablo Pedro." - via Juxtapoz


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Show runs until Sept 2nd

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