Fuck the Likes Vol 1: West Coast Vision

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Fuck the Likes Vol 1 is an all west-coast photography group show centered around raw street photography and documentation of contemporary underground life. The show is meant to be an irreverent diss to the social media era of today where most published photos are solely intended to garner lots of likes online. For the the show, Superchief Gallery has focused on boundary pushing and exciting contemporary photography from people living authentically visually stimulating lives.

Opening reception, video screening and zine release:
Saturday, Feb 9th 2019
7:00 - 11:00 PM

Exhibition runs until Feb 24th, 2019

Almost Decent
Amy Darling
Andrew Barsoum
Anson Cyr
Austin McManus
Beau Patrick Coulon
Beige Luciano Adams
Bill Daniel
Cinque Mubarak
Cold Ice Coffee
Derek Perlman
Ed Templeton
Estevan Oriol
Frankie Orozco
Ganesh Hennigs
Georges Pierre Monceaux
Jacob Messex
Jacquie Ray
Jim Swill
Jimmy Bonks
Justin Jernigan
Katy Shayne
Matthew Bajda
Mondo Broken Boys Club
Parker Day
Sagan Lockhart
Sarah Elise Abrahamson
Sean Maung
Spencer J Harding
Suitcase Joe
Tod Seelie
Willie Gomez
Zhamak Fullad

This exhibition is curated by Bill Dunleavy and Anson Cyr.