Collection: INFERNO | James Jirat Patradoon

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Saturday, November 16th, 2019
7:00pm - 11:00pm

Join Superchief Gallery LA for the first Los Angeles exhibition of James Jirat. The Thailand-born Australian artist has created an immersive pop-horror space with a mural spanning across the whole gallery.


James Jirat Patradoon’s work is informed by a wealth of cultural references. From 80s pop aesthetics and 90s fashion, to comic books and tattoo design, he renders his ideas in flashes of neon and monochrome.

Creating captivating gifs, murals and digital artwork, Patradoon’s arcane obsession with the occult seeps through every pore of his pieces. Fusing Japanese anime with pop-horror and searing, luminous colours. His work is clean and graphic in production, exploring humanities depths and fractures and creating his own hyperreal infernal paradise.

His standalone style has led to work with high profile international clientele, including collaborations with the likes of Coca Cola, Facebook, HBO, and Microsoft.

About the exhibition:

INFERNO is the 13th Solo Exhibition of Thailand-born Australian artist James Jirat Patradoon and first of his exhibitions of this magnitude in Los Angeles.

The product of a year spent in living in Bangkok; immersed in the punk, club and drag scene, the ‘euphoric pop horror’ paintings draw imagery from his familiar demonic visual universe and combine them with an fascination with the performative bodies of bodybuilders, wrestlers, dancers, and strippers, conjuring a hallucinatory vision of camp terror.