Julia Sinelnikova

Julia Sinelnikova is an interdisciplinary artist who works with holograms, performance, and digital culture. Her light installations have been exhibited internationally, and she has performed widely as The Oracle of Vector Gallery. 

Using Superchiefs vast 7,000 sqft warehouse as a landscape for her immersive cyber-punk environment Rootkit, Julia Sinelnikova utilizes projectors, hand cut mylar, and more to create a living duplication of the often invisible world of cyber warfare. Using her highly developed technical skill set Julia fuses light, sound and gifs with Superchief’s collection of projectors, 25ft wide screens and space to build a strange and awe-inspiring metaverse.

Surrounded by Julia’s incredible crystalline creations, the opening of Rootkit will include a performance called Snow Crash. JJ Brine, Cornelia Singer, and Montgomery Harris will take part in the show which is based on a climactic scene within the novel, its namesake. DJ sets by Picture Plane and a performance by Cecily Feitel will also take place.

Rootkit - Julia Sinelnikova Solo Exhibition

Opening Reception: Friday January 12th, 7pm-12am

January 12th-February 9th