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Twin Flames by Justin Aversano surveys 100 portraits of twins from around the world. Made in the honor of Justin's mother and fraternal twin.

Aversano is a photographer and creative director in New York working at the intersection of art, community, and culture. His most show last month, "The Cactus Diaries" sold out, and we are anticipating a similar response for Twin Flames.

This new exhibition with Superchief Gallery explores Aversano’s eclectically-recorded stories about 100 pairs of twins. Twin Flames is an immaculate journey, pushing the boundaries of sociopolitical agenda, culture, tradition, and art by exposing the beauty, comedies, tragedies and all-around humanity of 'twinhood'.


This exhibition showcases the incisive visual style of Aversano’s portraits, poems, and polaroids, shown in large, full-color reproductions.

The corresponding book will be divided into chapters containing interviews with Aversano’s subjects, which provide context for the series itself, as well as includes the hidden stories that inform the subjects’ own personalities and conceptions of identity.


"For Twin Flames I photographed 100 sets of twins to create body of work focused on the phenomena of 'twindom' through an immersive portrait survey.

'Twindom' has a deep root in storytelling - its visuals representing shared experience, a reflected image of self, and our concept of belonging. 

Twins and multiple siblings provide a lens on the magic and causality of biology.

By using three formats of film: Polaroid, 120mm, and 4x5 by focusing on the simple idea of seeking an “intentional phenomenology” by direct image making, I can facilitate a broad and reflexive photographic engagement."


Twin Flames is a photographic exploration of the phenomenology of twins. 

From early in photography's history, twins have been catalogued and investigated in medical journals and textbooks, and by artists such as Diane Arbus and Vivian Maier.

"Twin Flames" is a collection of over 100 sets of twins, both
identical and fraternal, that Justin sought out in order to better understand his own place within the narrative of this unique genetic occurrence.

By photographing twins across a variety of photographic formats, while allowing them to set the circumstances of their environment and visual representation, Justin believes this project allows for a greater understanding of twins as a not outliers in our world, but as unique individuals that represent the multiplicity of the self and existence.