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Adrian Almazan - Nosed and Decked Plymouth

Adrian Almazan - Nosed and Decked Plymouth

Nosed and Decked Plymouth

27 in x 40 in x1 in


About the artist:

My name is Adrian Almazan. Born and raised in the Van Nuys neighborhood of the San Fernando Valley, currently based out of Gardena, I am digital and analog photographer emphasizing in automotive car culture and street photography. 

I focus on the details and modifications made on automotive builds and highlight the owners and their decisions on their rides. As an automotive enthusiast, I feel as if it’s my duty to bring focus on the actual machines being used in the automotive subcultures that are often overlooked. In both my automotive and street photography, I highlight unique compositions as well as target the use of foreground and background to call attention to my subject and point of interest.

In parallel, my brief history in graphic design tends to lend itself as a tool to execute intentional delivery and captures of my subjects. My understanding of color theory and level of detail in typography allows me to compose captures of multi-depth.

Although well versed in both digital and analog photography, I tend to lean towards film photography. My gear includes, a Canon AE-1 Program, Minolta X370, Canon 7, and a Yashica 635 to deliver both 35mm and 120 film captures. My preferred focal lengths range between the 50mm-100mm range.

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