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Catrina Esperanza - Face Covering Required, 2021

Catrina Esperanza - Face Covering Required, 2021

Acrylic on canvas

48 in x 36 in


About the artist:

My current work is about exploring my perspective of the people around me during the pandemic. Using cloth and textures to mask the person underneath, and exploring what it feels like to see people without a face. A tool used in my process is photography where I took close friend’s portraits and used them as references to develop a painting. During the pandemic, face coverings hid the person underneath and I wanted to show my own perspective through these portraits. I also saw a lot of signage, warning people to wear face coverings. By using text in my work, it emphasizes the need for masks or facial coverings during the pandemic. Textures, words, and vibrant colors are used to give documentation of the pandemic and how this has affected our lives in one way or another.

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