Ceser Massturd - Chasing the LA Dream

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Mixed Media, Watercolor, Acrylics, Markers, on Watercolor Paper

26 in x 20in 


About the artist:

Hello, my name is Cesar MASSTURD. I'm an artist and freelance illustrator from San Gabriel Valley, CA that grew up in Los Angeles. I was always Influenced by the graffiti and mural landscapes of East Los Angeles and cluttered people filled streets of downtown. I'm always trying to build a small story and atmosphere within my drawings that give you clues about the characters and their surroundings. Every drawing has to have a story, even if its just a drawing in my small sketchbook. I'm just trying to make sick shit with anything I can use from pencil, ink, paint, digital, animation, it don't matter, as long as I can make something that I like then I'm happy, if other people like it that's cool too.