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Emil Öhlund - Wizards Of The East Coast*GX

Emil Öhlund - Wizards Of The East Coast*GX

Acrylics on MDF Board

31.5 in x 23.6 in 


About the artist:

Emil Öhlund, born 1985 in Valdemarsvik, Sweden - Lives and works in Örebro, Sweden. Studied at Örebro Art College between 2009 and 2012. Works particuarly with acrylics and brushes.

It is all my memories and impressions from my childhood particularly, somehow blending together in my head, that transform into my work. When I was a kid, all the characters from cartoons, toys & video games, felt alive. In my work, I want to capture that exact feeling again, not just for me, but also for others. A sort of escapism, to allow yourself to go to other dimensions and fantasy worlds to gather power to deal with the not-always-so-pleasant reality.
Through the composition of bright and playful colors, I want to awaken feelings for the beholder, and throw them into that secure and simpler world, one that it is utterly important for me.

Represented in over 30 countys and regions in Sweden with over 100 artworks, and in private collections in Japan, USA, Europe, Mexico etc.

Painted big mural at Google Head Office in Sweden in 2017.

Had a 3 Month Artist-in-Residence in Matsumoto, Japan at Awai Art Center 2018.

4 Public works (murals) in Sweden.

Also a musician (solo Experimental Electronic Music) with many tours in countrys such as Japan, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Norway etc.

Part of, and Co-founder of Bunkern, Culture Award winning Art collective in Sweden holding Annual Street Art Festivals and Gallery projects in Örebro, Sweden.

Solo exhibitions:
2021 - "Multi-Colored Everything", Galleri Viktor Lenper Design, Valdemarsvik, Sweden (Aug)
2020 - "255 FACING WORLDS", Taipei City, Taiwan (12 Dec - 3 Jan)
2019 - "I Sell My Organs To Buy Video Games", Excube Gallery, Osaka, Japan (19 October - 5 November)
2018 - "Unfamiliar Ceiling", Awai Art Center, Matsumoto, Japan (+Artist-in-Residence Sept - Dec)
2018 - "You can't exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality", Rydals Museum, Sweden (24 Feb - 6 May)
2017/2018 - "Att färdas genom världar", Konstfrämjandet Bergslagen, Sweden (Traveling county exhibition)
2017 - "End/Level", Exposé Gallery, Örebro, Sweden (6 May- 24 May)
2017 - "Possessed by Possessions", Excube Gallery, Osaka, Japan (15 April - 30 April)
2017 - "That brief moment during shutdown", Galleri Sander [Lab], Linköping, Sweden (25 March - 23 April)
2016 - "ESCAPISM", Mograg Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (5 Nov - 27 Nov)
2016 - "MOOD", Galleri Jeanette Ölund, Borås, Sweden (9 April - 11 May)
2015 - "To gain access to other dimensions", Örebro Uni. Art gallery, Sweden (3 Sept - 9 Oct)
2015 - ”Current Mood”, Galleri Momangen, Stockholm, Sweden (24 April - 26 April)
2014 - "HappyWorldLand", Region Örebro, Sweden (13 Aug - 16 Sept. )
2013 - "Press A to continue", Konstfrämjandet, Örebro, Sweden (4 May - 26 May)

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