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Faith Love - I'm Losing My Head

Faith Love - I'm Losing My Head

Luster Finish Print

8.5in X 11in

Edition of 5 

Luster Finish Print

13in X 19in

Edition of 3

Faith Love is a self taught visual artist from Peoria, Illinois known for her minimalist approach and exploration of the human condition. Her work marries the purity of form with the complexity of emotion, resulting in pieces that serve as intimate studies of the human psyche. Her subjects, often depicted as masked or faceless human figures, are crafted through line work against neutral backgrounds, reflecting the artist’s approach in utilizing simplicity to convey depth. 

In her work, Faith aims to capture the raw essence of the human experience by creating each piece as a reflection of life’s complexities; presented honestly and in their purest form. The artist works to construct an intimate emotional narrative that resonates with viewers on a deep and personal level. 

Through her art, Faith seeks to open a dialogue about the shared experiences that bind us together as humans. She explores themes of love, heartbreak, loss, joy, depression, and sorrow, offering a mirror into the soul and a chance for introspection. Each piece is an invitation to reflect, to feel, and to connect.

Art is a conversation, a silent dialogue between the creator and the observer, and I seek to make that conversation as honest as possible.


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