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Fatima Nieto - Con Dios

Fatima Nieto - Con Dios

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Acrylic Mirror & Plexiglass

32 in x 24 in

"This piece is an ode to the children who are dying due to senseless and brutal violence in the current state of the world. It is not for profit. The funds garnered from this piece will be donated to ANERA, a certified organization which works to deliver food and hygiene kits to families displaced by the ongoing and atrocious genocide in Gaza. May we continue to pray and use our mediums for healing and compassion. It is time for a new world that is closer to peace. Big Love." - Fatima Nieto


About the artist:

Fatima Nieto is a Mexican American artist, designer and maker originally from El Paso, Texas, currently based in Los Angeles, California. She utilizes laser cutting techniques as well as her extensive background in fabrication on plexiglass. Etching, inlaying and producing custom mirrors. Nieto works with playfully nostalgic themes through the pieces by incorporating cartoons, childhood figures, and popular cultural iconography that glisten under the light. On a large scale, her colorful pieces have been incorporated in stage design, music festivals, tours with bands, and other site-specific installations. They have simultaneously taken shape as jewelry, 3D acrylic keepsakes and home decor. Through mirror plexi art, Nieto is actively using reflectivity and chroma as a medium to communicate her own practice of self reflection and nurturing of the inner child with others. Nieto’s modality speaks to finding joy within the human sensory experience.


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