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Juxtapoz curates a book representing a new generation of painters who have excelled at photorealism and hyperrealism, but have taken the mediums and injected them with new styles, techniques, ideas and individual personality.

The resulting work is beyond categorization. With growing viewership interested in these super-realistic modes the field of artists creating high fidelity renderings is at a high water mark. The selection of works focuses on talent and technique in the figurative realm. Half a dozen works and a mini interview from each artist, including Dan Witz, Hilo Chen, Jonathon Veo, Diego Gravinese, Omar Ortiz, Jenny Morgan, Jenn Mann, Joel Rea, Alyssa Monks, Vigal Ozeri, Glennray Tutor, Ian Cumberland, Aaron Nagel, Lu Cong, Lee Price, Taisuke Mohri and Dan Voinea brings this collection to life.

Juxtapoz books deftly reach into specific artistic practices and genres, tackling each subject with an insatiable curiosity. While the content is new and specific to the books, the editorial maintains the mission of the magazine. As with the magazine, the books bring to light emerging artists while keeping us up to date on high profile creators and those already beloved by long-time Juxtapoz readers. Subjects and genres explored to-date include Erotica, Dark Arts, Handmade, Hyperrealism, Poster Art, Car Culture, Illustration, Tattoo, Photography,