JBK / JBV Collabs Josh “Bagel” Klassman / Jayme “VISION” Burtis - Brother D-Day Brother Bluto

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Photography & Paint 

24 in x 24 in 


About the artist:

Josh “Bagel” Klassman (Photographer) & Jayme “VISION” Burtis (Artist) have been friends since 1986 and grew up in Venice together. Josh has documented Venice since he wuz 14. Jayme has been drawing and painting since he was a young child, then in his teens he got into Graffiti Art and joined the world famous Graffiti Crew WCA taking on the name VISION. Outside of their solo work in art and photography the two decided to team up in 2020 and make collabs out of their photos, art, and words, to tell the story of their friendship and the unique culture of the Venice they grew up in.