Jesse Jaramillo - Protect the Uterus

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Digital Print

36 in x 24 in x 2 in


About the artist: 

Jesse Jaramillo is a Chicano illustrator, fine-line tattoo artist, and screenprinter. He grew up in the 90s in the desert of California. Having been influenced by 90s rave culture, kustom car culture and classic sci-fi Jaramillo has created a style that’s all his own; what some would call “trippy Chicano”. He received his BFA from Cal State Long Beach. And now spends his days tattooing at El Clasico in Echo Parque or working with companies such as Dr.Martens, Tecate, and even Vogue. Jaramillo’s work has been shown at the Long Beach Art Museum, Superchief Gallery, and Mercury Project.




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