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Johnny Quintanilla - Driving Around Doing Donuts

Johnny Quintanilla - Driving Around Doing Donuts

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Acrylic Paint on Canvas

16 in x 20 in

About the artist:

Johnny Quintanilla’s body of work is narrative and non-linear; the stories are built around his pop-surrealism inspired by symbolism and deep sounded spirituality. Delicate bird-creatures embody love and self-sacrifice; nurturing the creatures around them, they provide protection and solace. Personified house-structures represent stability and new beginnings yet the topsy-turvy objects surrounding them express instability discord and tension. Issues of balance are questioned and satisfied through his layers of analogies. Lately, his work has included various animal drawings covered in color displaying death and rebirth. Through this series he challenges the audience to question the rooted fear of death providing an alternative emotion, peace of mind. His work has won the hearts of many patrons, and continues to be a pillar for illustrative story telling, pop art and surrealism.


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