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Jynx Prado - Them (I)

Jynx Prado - Them (I)

Burlap, Fabric and Yarn on Wood

6 in x 6 in x 8 in

About the artist:

Jynx Prado (They/ Them/ Their) (b.1996)  Born and currently based in Los Angeles,  Jynx Prado critiques, questions and challenges the natural and artificial subjects within cultures, nature and the human existence and the coexistence of them through an interdisciplinary practice with found objects, fabrics and their body. Through humor, irony and iconography Prado describes their environment and social life as a queer Mexi-Salvi American. Their practice ranges from paintings to sculptures to  performances to installations, generally using burlap, a safe and sustainable natural crop derived from the ordinary jute plant (corchorus olitorius). Burlap fabric being a very rough, loose and yet very natural and strong fabric is a material they use often as a broader metaphor of the cycle of life and death through the natural and artificial. This literal and metaphorical transformation is most prevalent in Prado’s Embodiments series, which consist of various fibrous bodies (humanoid, animalistic, and/or abstracted forms) each singularly and  collectively operating as surrogates for the experience of a queer, genderfluid individual.    Prado received their MFA at Otis College of Art and Design in 2020 and their BA in California State University Dominguez Hills in 2018. Their Work has been exhibited across Southern California at the Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana, CA; Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion at Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA; VAMA Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Cerritos Gallery, Cerritos, CA ; Stay Gallery, Downey, CA; Angels Gate Art Gallery, San Pedro, CA; South Gate Art Gallery, South Gate, CA; NOMAD for the Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA; and the Bendix, Los Angeles, CA. They have also performed nationally and internationally in the Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana, CA; El Segundo Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA; The Carnegie International 57th Edition, Pittsburgh, PA; and QiPO 02, Mexico City, Mexico.


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