Katherine "Luna Park" Lorimer - (UN)SANCTIONED Book, Signed

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Hardcover Signed Copy

This book is the culmination of a decade of keeping up with NYC graffiti and street art, a time period which saw a seismic shift in the public perception and acceptance of the artform. The public space within which artists operate is fluid and new boundaries are being pushed every day. The streets are teeming with a vast spectrum of (un)sanctioned art, running the gamut from quick, illegal hand-styles to full-blown production murals.

The images captured within broadcast all manner of messages from scrawls imbued with raw aggression on the one hand to impassioned and empowering political statements and works with a wicked sense of humor on the other hand.

NYC has been and continues to be a beacon for artists, who both feed off and contribute to the city's energy. This is Katherine "Luna Park" Lorimer's love letter to the city and the artists who continue to aspire and inspire.