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Marina Eskeets - Bitter Water Bitch // Tó Dich’íí’nii Tsá’ii

Marina Eskeets - Bitter Water Bitch // Tó Dich’íí’nii Tsá’ii

Acrylic on Canvas

40 in x 30 in


About the artist:

ELTINE | Marina Eskeets is a Diné | Navajo artist from Naná’áztiin | The Curved Road, NM, Navajo Reservation. ELTINE takes Indigenous futurism and renders it using dreamy colors and commonly placed objects from the rez appear throughout her work. The preservation of land, language, and culture is the difference between western ideologies of the future, where the earth is viciously killed for profit and a new haven is sought on Mars, a gross romanticization. The future is now and far away, it is not confined to a linear timeline but she brings this world we dream of to reality under warm pink skies, in vibrant desertscapes; a space to practice culture, connect with our mother language, and create a beautiful life for ourselves.

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