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Mat Brown - 2020 first century 21: Lapsed Judgment

Mat Brown - 2020 first century 21: Lapsed Judgment

“2020 First Century 21: Lapsed Judgment”

Digital Print on Aluminum 
40 in x 60 in 

The last judgement is a classic theme in northern renaissance painting and the version by Petrus Christus is the compositional basis for Mat Brown’s “Lapsed Judgment”. This piece takes the concept of good vs evil and turns it into more of a subtle S&M foreplay, not a battle but rather a dance. The arch angel St.Micheal defeating the devil, depicted with the angel as a neural-link cyborg covered in logo tattoos of the various companies responsible for AI and robotics technologies and the devil as the animal power of oil. Filled with easter eggs this piece is set in the dawning of the twenty first century, on the left are symbols of the age of Pisces and on the right are symbols for the age of Aquarius. This work is the first half-digitally created artwork by Mat Brown, created by scanning the original pencil sketch and blocking in the background gradient digitally. The digitally coloured background and compositional sketch were printed at full scale on paper and the artist drew in the negative space completing the work; this was then scanned again producing the digital file we see today.

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