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Mat Brown - The discovery of Eschaton: Immanentize the Climate Change

Mat Brown - The discovery of Eschaton: Immanentize the Climate Change

Digital Print on Aluminum 
20 in x 30 in 

This work is based on the renaissance painting “The discovery of honey” by Piero Di Cosimo and changes the discovery of honey to the discovery of oil. The story of the discovery of honey is about the founding of ‘civilization’ and also the origin of alcohol, Bacchus and his bacchantes coax bees to swarm and settle in the hollow of a tree, in a sense harnessing nature. The framing of the discovery of oil as akin to the founding of civilization places oil as the structural foundation of our modern world. The context in which oil is seen today is that of the evils of society, climate change and the perceived end of the world or death of nature is taught as the prevailing worldview to children of the west. Greta Thunberg appears as god in the clouds looking down on society and judging it’s ills. This work likens the climate change narrative to the millenarian sects of christianity like the Hutterites, Mennonites and Amish who in short believe that we are living through a thousand years of evil. The entire composition is structured around the fibonacci spiral, starting in the bottom left corner and spiralling into the cell phone displaying the famous Mandelbrot set held by a scientist refining oil.

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