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Parker Day - Goosebumps ft. Maddy Ellwanger

Parker Day - Goosebumps ft. Maddy Ellwanger

Edition of 10 *Unframed Signed and Numbered Digital C-Prints Available in 20 in. x 30 in. and 12 in. x 18 in.

Photograph features Maddy Ellwanger, a musician, cinematographer, designer, seamstress, actress, 
and model from Boulder, Colorado.

Maddy Ellwanger is a quirky, clever and controversial entertainer with thought provoking lyrics that match her outlandish yet catchy music. Inspired by many different musicians and genres her music is nearly impossible to pin to one specific sound. She creates a brilliant and shocking atmosphere that you will always remember.

IG: @maddyellwanger

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