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Rain Spann - Cultivation of True Souls

Rain Spann - Cultivation of True Souls

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Acrylic Paint, Acrylic Ink, Spray Paint, Oil Paint, Mat-board, Heavy Fine Art Paper, Gold Leaf, Prisma-color Pencil.

20 in x 36 in

About the artist:

Rain Spann (born in 1998 in Abbeville, AL) is an internationally recognized Artist based in Virginia who has a traditional background in Computer Engineering from Old Dominion University. Spann's artistic practice incorporates collage, painting, and drawing to explore the personal and interpersonal connections between individuals, the world, and society as a whole. His work often employs geometric and organic forms as a way to abstract the human figure, symbolizing the intersection of art, technology, and modern society, and examining how humans interact within these realms.
Spann has participated in numerous national group exhibitions and has successfully showcased two solo exhibitions to date. His third solo exhibition is scheduled for this summer at Southside Contemporary Art Gallery. His artwork has been collected by private collectors across the country, including the Fresh Prince of Bel Air Airbnb in 2020. In 2021, Spann was chosen as the inaugural resident for the Creator Cabins residency program. In 2023, he participated in the Annual Cabin Fever Auction, where he was one of the youngest selling Artists. Later he would  be a participating Artist in the 2023 Contemporary Arts Network Auction & Group Exhibition. He will also be among the youngest artists in the upcoming Oakwood Arts’ annual auction: Solstice VI ( This winter he is set to embark on his third residency in Southampton, New York, courtesy of Ma's House Studio.
In addition to his artistic endeavors, Spann has contributed pro-bono mural work to the More Than Art Project by Crenius and has received commissions from notable companies such as SSAI. He demonstrates a strong dedication to his artistic practice and constantly explores new creative methods while also maintaining his aspiration
s to advance his career in engineering.

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