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Raina Ross - Body & Gun

Raina Ross - Body & Gun


Digital art

16 in x 20 in


About the artist:

My name is Raina Ross and I am a Mexican-American artist from the Valley that grew up admiring manga illustrations and anime. I grew up watching anime on Toonami and reading mangas like Tokyo Mew Mew. Aeon Flux was a very impactful anime in my life as I admired the portrayal of a strong and badass woman who was also sexy and owned her sexuality - this is what inspired a majority of my work. I decided to create hentai-inspired work because of the stylized and beautifully detailed illustrations. I also felt a majority of hentai artists as well as fans were male, I wanted to create my art with the intention of showing a female perspective of sexuality and by this for women to also feel empowered about their own sexuality. 

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