Collection: Pillow Talk - A Solo Exhibition by SICKID

Presenting 'Pillow Talk' by @Sickid1 coming to @SuperchiefGalleryNY for December 2020. The Los Angeles artist's second solo exhibition is composed of highly detailed renderings of life in the city, and autobiographical reflections on masculinity, doing graffiti, and coming of age.

Since his 2019 debut, his paintings have taken on much more detailed rendering and brush work and folk art quality that celebrates naiveté and function in painting.

This exhibition also marks Sickid's first ever print release, an 18x24 giclée print edition of 100. For more press inquiries contact 

Superchief Gallery NY
99 Spring St
New York, NY 10012

Sickid is a young graffiti artist and fine art painter from Los Angeles. He started out in graffiti but incorporated a heavy use of characters and graphics with his lettering. In terms of graffiti, he's best known for littering LA with an ever changing cast of cartoon characters and situations, and most notable for his work on billboards.
His fine art painting subject matter tends to fall between irreverent and comic to something more autobiographical and like Los Angeles folk art, depicting scenes of growing up around the Catholic Church, naive painting styles from immigrants, street characters, and other untrained and raw influences.
What started out perhaps as a style influenced by the likes of Neckface and Barry McGee has evolved into something exciting and very much its own. His more recent work is becoming increasingly well rendered and intricately detailed. He was debuted by Superchief Gallery LA in July 2019 with his first exhibition "Smile! You're on Camera" curated by Bill Dunleavy. His 2nd solo show will be with Superchief Gallery in Soho, NYC in December 2020.

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