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Bliss Army - Terra Incognita

Bliss Army - Terra Incognita

Acrylic, oil, oil pastel on canvas

72 in x 60 in

About the artist:

Bliss Army” is the moniker undertaken by the Artist Maurice McCrimmon. The pun alluding to “swiss army knife” is a testament that Maurice is truly a jack of all trades, and a creator of many facets. Growing up a poet and musician, this was an introduction to Maurice using words and sonics as a visual language and a language of their own. Fast forward to 2018 and Bliss began to embrace painting and drawing as mediums for exploration. Starting out as forms of catharsis and psychoanalysis, the artist quickly saw the power and vitality in self discovery. To Bliss the canvas is an opportunity for novelty and world building. A place where anything can happen, a place without gravity or limits. Bliss wants to tell stories and evoke ones power of their imagination and the necessity of such. For ages humanity has used colors and symbols to gauge the depths of the mind and spirit, to communicate across time and space and converse about the layers of our existence. That is the goal Bliss has in mind when creating.

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