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Demon Petal Lord - The Devil's Garden

Demon Petal Lord - The Devil's Garden

Pen on Paper

14 in x 17 in

About the artist:

I write “Flowers”, I’m a Graffiti influenced artist based out of South Central LA/DTLA. My other name is Demon Petal Lord. That’s what the little flowers call me. I started noticing graffiti as a baby in my neighborhood and I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil. The two kind of went hand in hand. While exploring graffiti as a teen, I was also drawing all the time. Growing up my dad had flowers all over the house, I’d draw the flowers in my yard. Daisy’s were my favorite. I started drawing these more graphic flowers when I was 13/14 when I started tagging with my little homies. I’d draw them over and over and over and I’ve never stopped since.   Besides graffiti I’m also heavily influenced by fairy tales, cartoons, video games, heavy music, psychedelia, life, death, Mexican culture and a few of my favorite artists including Jose Guadalupe Posada, Gustave Doré, and Virgil Finlay - just to name a few. I’m an Aquarius, I work in healthcare, and I have a pit bull named Bowser.



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