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Dimithry Victor - Geekin' Ina Rolls Royce

Dimithry Victor - Geekin' Ina Rolls Royce

Acrylic on canvas

64 in x 79 in

About the artist:

Dimithry Victor is a visual artist based in Miami, Florida. He specializes in both wet and dry media as well as apparel design. His Haitian background and exposure to diverse cultures in South Florida have profoundly influenced his work. He is dedicated to exploring and highlighting the experiences of marginalized communities, showcasing the unique aspects that define their identity. His artistic style has been greatly influenced by expressionist painters and realism. His works capture the viewer's attention through their unique and whimsical content. He places a strong emphasis on glamour and narrative in his artwork and utilizes a vibrant color palette to create dynamic and engaging pieces. His portfolio includes portraiture and more dynamic pieces that invite the viewer to form their own narrative.

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