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Eben Benson - Lovers

Eben Benson - Lovers

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Acrylic on MDF

12 in  x 2 in x 13 in 


About the artist:

Eben Benson is a painter who lives and works in Gorham, ME. His work explores humans’ relationship to open space, neoliberal and technological encroachment, and hope, collaging and contrasting nature with human-made elements like video games, cars, and buildings. Growing up on a dairy farm in Maine and later moving to San Francisco and New York, his work seeks to reconcile the two worlds within America, the major metropoles and the outer suburbs and farmlands. A self-taught painter, his practice also serves as a kind of therapy, to record and reimagine life while leaving an abstract form of record for its own sake. The paintings are records of their own creation and his own story of learning to make them.


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