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Emily Pettigrew - Dark Hill

Emily Pettigrew - Dark Hill

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Acrylic, varnish, and graphite on board

18 in x 18 in


About the artist:

Emily Pettigrew is a representational painter, whose work is distinguished by a sparseness, subtlety, and timelessness, and emanates a quiet reverence for both history and nature. The aesthetics of Pettigrew’s narrative acrylic paintings, which often depict single figures, landscapes, and American architecture, were defined by formative years in Maine and refined by study in the New York art scene. Pettigrew explains: “My love for the starkness of the landscape of my childhood is reflected in a spartanism in my work. My foundational principle of painting, is the removal of excess parts—a paring down to an image’s most beautiful elements.” Currently based in the Catskill Mountains, Pettigrew’s subject matter has become increasingly imbued with the regional history of the area.


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