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Simone Quiles - Bouquet

Simone Quiles - Bouquet

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Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

20 in x 40 in x 2 in 


About the artist:

Simone Quiles is an artist residing in Los Angeles, CA.  She has exhibited at TLALOC Studios, Art Share L.A., Woman Made Gallery Chicago, and the Gene Siskel Film Center.  Born in the United States but raised by grandparents from the island, I experienced varying perspectives of what it means to be Caribbean. As a person of the Puerto Rican diaspora, I reference magical realism in order to explore a place I only hold in familial memory. I've been confronted by the gaze and linked histories of U.S imperialism, colonialism, and capitalism since childhood. Through painting, drawing, and collage I am now interested in unearthing the impact these histories have on my diasporic home, current community, and overall our environment.


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