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RIME - Return (a collaboration with family)

RIME - Return (a collaboration with family)

Acrylic & oil stick on canvas

Made in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania in June, 2023

35 in x 25 in


About the artist:

Rime, a.k.a Jersey Joe, is an American artist of the Graffiti school who lives and works in Brooklyn, where he was born in 1979. Rime got his start in graffiti in 1991 on Staten Island, and continued to venture to other boroughs of New York City. He spent several years expanding his technique and style in New York and, as of 1995, in New Jersey. In 2003, he made his first foray outside the United States to travel through Europe for two months. There, he earned international recognition under the artistic names of Rime and Jersey Joe. Back in the States, he began exhibiting his work in galleries and in more ambitious ways public space with his painting partner Setup. In 2005, Rime left the East Coast to live in Los Angeles. It was then he joined MSK – Mad Society Kings – which included artists such as Revok, Saber, Ewok, Pose, Trav, as well as The Seventh Letter artists group. He moved to New York several years ago. Rime took up his Wallworks Gallery residency starting July 2019. Originally planned for six months to prepare a major Paris exhibit, the stay was prolonged by the Covid-19 pandemic.


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