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Saidah Gray - Untitled 600 (2023)

Saidah Gray - Untitled 600 (2023)

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Oil on Canvas

72 in x 84 in


About the artist:

Los Angeles based self-taught artist and curator, Saidah Gray, has been cultivating her skills in oil painting for the past decade. She has developed a deep connection and passion for exploring human development and color psychology through a series of figurative art and self-portraits that capture flashes of emotions and moments of revelation. She blends her love of language and colors on the canvas creating the perfect marriage of storytelling. She intends to invite the viewer to explore the spiritual and healing nature of art and how to use it to heal our past traumas and create new healthy experiences and memories.  Saidah’s love for art doesn’t stop at the canvas. She has curated several exhibitions and represented over 50 artists since her curatorial debut in 2018. She is passionate about creating social equity within the art world and ensuring that artists of color have equal access to opportunities.   She spends her free time teaching the healing nature of art at non-profits such as Community Build and WOW Flower Project. In 2022, she participated in her first art auction with Waco Theater at the Wearable Art Gala, hosted by Tina Knowles. Saidah hopes to heal her community through art, understand the relationship of society and individual growth, and support the spiritual and mental health of others.

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